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YCSF Grant Information

The Yancey County Schools Foundation is a not for profit organization dedicated to the improvement of Yancey County Schools. 

The Board presently consists of 16 volunteer directors and four ex-officio directors. It is the express desire of the Foundation Board to provide educational project funds to teachers and school staff that might not otherwise be available. Grants are awarded for creativity and innovation for academic programs and/or learning techniques. In addition, proposals that significantly benefit larger numbers of Yancey County Schools' students are given greater consideration.

Proposals are reviewed by the Foundation Board. The Board considers the following criteria when evaluating proposals:

  • Documentation of academic need
  • Probability of success
  • Evidence of unavailability of similar programs and/or funding
  • Appropriateness of learning plan
  • Desired goals of proposal
  • Number of students to benefit from proposal
  • Submission of required grant evaluations in previous years


During the 2015-16 grant cycle, YCFS wants to encourage creativity and will not fund any recurring grants.  The selection committee will not fund any field trips.

The Grant Evaluation form should be submitted at the conclusion of the grant activity, no later than the end of the current school year. One copy of the evaluation should be delivered as listed for proposals below.

Proposals must be submitted by November 6, 2015. 


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